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Traditional craftsmen of Cyprus (1982), Nicosia: Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization & Nicosia Municipality

Sketches of the Tradition Architecture of Cyprus, Nicosia: Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization

Traditional rural architecture – Conservation and Rehabilitation problems (1994), Nicosia: Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization

The Cultural Landscape of Cyprus. Proceedings of the Symposium on the Cultural Landscape of Cyprus – 18th April 1997 (2000), Nicosia: Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization

Editions of calendars 1980 – 1992

Participation in publications of both governmental and non-governmental publications


Research Projects

Listing of Byzantine icons of Cyprus for UNESCO

  “Laona Project”, 1989 – 1994 (an ecotourism project funded by the E.E). Consultation on issues concerning the conservation and rehabilitation of traditional buildings

“Sustainable Development management project for the area Ezousa-Xeros Potamos-Diarizos”, 1999-2001 - Consultation on Architectural Heritage Issues

EUROMED “CORPUS” project, 1999-2001. Study of the Cyprus Traditional Architecture: Typologies, Building Arts, Crafts

“The oil presses of Thraki, Aegean and Cyprus” a Greece - Cyprus joined project 2001-2002

“Old Limassol Rehabilitation project” 2003-2004, project funded by UNOPS

“Traditional ovens and kneading in Thraki, Aegean and Cyprus”, a Greece - Cyprus joined project, 2004-2006

“TRIMED: The Culture of Oil, Bread and Wine” (Culture 2000): a joined program of six Mediterranean Islands. A study of Mediterranean Trilogy: typology, products etc.


Seminar: “The Cultural Landscape of Cyprus”, 1997

Seminar: “Validation of traditional rural buildings”, 1987

Workshop for the repairing and reconstruction of dry walls, 28/8/2000-9/9/2000

Seminar: “Pre-industrial Technology”, Department of Antiquities and Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization, February 2005

Seminar: “Modern buildings in traditional landscape”, Department of Town Planning and Housing and Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization, December 2006

Photographic exhibition: “Living in the Mediterranean Area”, Cyprus Architectural Heritage Organization, Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association, Department of Antiquities, January 2007

Scientific consultation in different governmental and non-governmental committees